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Why outsource your social media?

Getting traffic from social media sites isn’t particularly difficult,
but it is a bit time-consuming. You can take away some of that
time by outsourcing a lot of the work, but you should make a lot
of the work you do personal.

One major key to social marketing is being an individual and
letting your own personality shine through. You should get to
know the people you’re networking with, and let them know
you’re a real person and not just a marketer.

Successful social marketers know how to do this. They network
on a personal level rather than just constantly posting links to
their products or other self-serving links.

If you can master this personal interaction, and you can get
people to truly like you and trust you, you can get phenomenal
results from social marketing.

Just remember that social marketing should be at least 75%
social and 25% marketing. Social is the primary aspect of social
marketing. Remember that, and you will have great success.